In Memory of

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Dr. Christopher Allers

January 5, 1963 - April 9, 2023

We honor the life and work of our dear colleague and friend, Dr. Christopher Allers. Chris started Advantage Consulting with Khurram ‘Ko’ Hassan in 2010.  For fourteen years they worked together to build a firm that provides quality, impactful consulting services for client organizations. Chris always prioritized the needs of our clients and used his analytical know-how and emotional intelligence to help them realize their mission and goals. 

Everyone who worked with Chris could immediately see how gifted he was in understanding complex problems and crafting solutions. But it was his incredible work ethic and dedication to serving others that made him a leader in the non-profit sector. We were all inspired by him and grew individually and organizationally because of his mentorship. Today, we continue to carry his legacy forward. 

Below is a short biography and overview of Chris’ work, and information about two memorial funds that have been created to remember him. 

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About Chris Allers, PhD

Christopher was born on January 5, 1963, in Boston. His parents were Norman T. Allers and Barbara E. Allers. After Christopher graduated from Hillsborough High School in 1981, he went on to study Psychology at Florida State University. He then completed his Ph.D. in Counseling from Georgia State University. In 1993, Christopher met Justin Allers and they got married in 1997.

After completing his Ph.D., he worked with other community leaders to start the nonprofit organization Positive Impact Health Centers. At the same time, he had already begun his private practice in helping people with mental health counseling. In 1996, he took on the responsibility of helping St. Luke’s Church to create a new nonprofit called Crossroads Community Ministries. From there he went on to have a successful leadership career at United Way where he helped set up 211 across the country, among other initiatives. Since 2010, he has been a partner at Advantage Consulting helping nonprofits and government organizations achieve community impact.  

Chris believed in the power of systems to effect change and helped stand up and support several collective-impact initiatives, partner coalitions, and systems of care.

His commitment to training and education was evident through the frequent delivery of keynote addresses, conference presentations, national workshops, and training events. He received the Facilitation Impact “Gold” Award from the Southeast Association of Facilitators (2003).

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